In marksmanship the most important mathematics is subtraction. Subtract all that is distracting and unnecessary until only the essential remains.

Welcome to a new shooting experience.

It’s inevitable, a miss is accompanied by a chorus of voices proclaiming your shot was “behind it,” “over it,” or in the event of a hit, “off the front,” or “you chipped the tail.” That’s fine but what we really need to know is WHY we missed and to be able to correct our procedure accordingly. Where is the error occuring? How do I fix it?

Set-up and swing

A solid foundation is the key to consistent success. An intentional shot is built from the ground up with posture and gun control being the basic premise of a properly executed shot. We’ll look at stance, grip, shoulders, elbows, neck and cheek positions, and while we’re at it, we’ll look at gun fit and eye dominance.

Target Aquisition

This comes down to efficiency, economy of gun handling and trust in vision. What does it mean to “really ‘see’ a target,” and then to “engage” it with a synchronized swing? We’ll look at the role of peripheral vision and central vision and their dual effectiveness in correct shot execution. This is where trust enters the equation. Once a proper structural foundation is trustworthy we can rely on our vision to provide all the swing data necessary to break the target.

Strategy and method

You’ve all heard about break points, hold points and look points but can you employ these three elements consistently and effectively to solve a particular target presentation? We’ll use these points as adjustable tools to develop a strategy for each shot.

There are three essential methods for achieving a synchronized lead on a target, swing through, sustained lead, and pull away, and then a few more variations. Many shooters favor one method and that’s fine, but familiarity with multiple techniques will advance your process significantly.

about me

I grew up in a family of sportsmen and when I was young there were quail. We pursued them vigorously but I don’t recall much thought ever going into shooting technique. “Just put it on his bill,” was about as far as it went.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s I shot international skeet in the Northeast Region and discovered a new world of shotgunning. Precision shooting based on the fundamental principles of form, motion, and concentration.

International targets were hard to come by in Florida but the door to Sporting Clays was wide open at Corey and Katya’s facility, ‘Gulf Coast Clays,’ and it was my good fortune to walk through it. https://www.gulfcoastclays.com/

So give me a call or an email, a text is probably best, maybe I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.

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